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Swingin' through the trees at Tsitsikamma
April 14th, 2009

Today we headed down along the Garden Route, which was absolutely beautiful. We stopped in a quaint town called Knysna (K is silent) and had lunch at the Knysna Oyster Company so we could try their Cape Coastal oysters, which are caught (literally) a stone's throw away.

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The oysters are HUGE. They're about 15 years old when they get to the table, whereas the kind you normally eat at an oyster bar are about a year old. See how one looks in my hand?

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Guess what? I ate all of these. They're fresh, kind of buttery, with a hint of snap in the flesh (as opposed to mushy). They have a slight salty sea essence that bursts from inside, so no seasoning is needed except a squeeze of fresh lemon and a dash of tabasco. Oh, gawd! My mouth is watering as I re-live the meal. Stop me!

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Alas, lunch had to end. Once done, we rushed off to Tsitsikamma National Park. Tsitsikamma is a Khoi word meaning "place of abundant or sparkling water" and is covered in large tracts of indigenous forest.


We were going to zipline through a part of the forest--10 lines flying through the tree canopies, one of only two places in the world that you can do that kind of ziplining (you can zipline in many places, but it is this particular kind of ziplining). Above, our guide Bernadine (aka Lollie) straps me up to get ready to fly.

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Watching our group start to zip over.

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Mari getting ready to fly from one tree to another.

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That's a mighty far drop. Can you see the ferns below? They are 300 years old.

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Here I am before knocking out the cameraman with my feet.

If you're afraid of heights, this isn't for you. I do have a slight problem with heights, but am pretty good about managing that fear. It's a nice activity for families or groups of friends, so I hope that one day I can make enough money to come back with my nieces and nephew.

Tot Siens! Next up: the safari.

16 Responses to “Swingin' through the trees at Tsitsikamma”

  1. Alan Okami:

    Dammit, your pix are look so unreal! Never ever thought I would want to go Africa, as I thought it was a big Waikiki Zoo. Smelly and elephants everywhere. My perception is changing with each post. Say hi to Mari for me.

  2. Ed:

    Boy, those are bumbucha size oysters.

  3. Kal D. Kahuna:

    Mrs Kal would be in serious danger if I ate a dozen of THOSE oysters!

    What a great trip you are having.

    That "thud" sound you keep hearing are Mrs K and I kicking ourselves for not going, too.

  4. Ynaku:

    I agree with Ed. Gotta toss dat buggah on the grill with shoyu lemon and tabasco.

    Brave heh you? Zip lining up in the canopy. Did you give your Tazan/Jane yell?

  5. M:

    Good Morning Melissa! :)

    Those are the biggest oysters I even seen. If I ate all those oyster, I will be so, well you know what I mean. Does it affect women the same way as men?

    That zipline looks so much fun!

  6. Cindy:

    Yikes! Those things are huge! And you ate all of them? You look like you're having so much fun! The zip line looks like fun! Scary, though!

  7. TwoFish:

    That oyster makes your hand look small.

    What would your Mom think of both you and Mari if they knew what you were doing ziplining through the canopies! Adrenaline junkies, you both are!

  8. NeedaHobby:

    Ho, that is one ginormous oyster! Like Ynaku said, on the grill ... winnahs .. I like mine w/ worchestershire (sp?) and tabasco!

    Ooo, ziplines! Looks fun!

  9. hemajang:

    Oh, oh! Forget da zipline, I want those oysters!

  10. 'Sa:

    So what? Did you find 12 pearls in your doo-doo? hahaha!
    Sorry... I've just been catching up with your fabulous trip! It's very interesting since some friends of mine are getting ready to leave Johannesburg in a couple of days. They have had such a different experience. They are adopting two siblings from a little country in Africa and they have faced so much danger (i.e. bandits breaking into their room and being held at knife point) and so much government BS. Not to mention the terrible racist remarks they have been subject to, being white people adopting black kids. Glad they are almost home... and glad you seem to be in safe places... right?! Please be vigilant of your surroundings!

  11. snow:

    those oysters look amaaaazing!! they are so huge! i want some!! 😛

    and the ziplining... i want to do that too! one of these days... not necessarily in africa... but one of these days (before i get too old, anyway!)!

  12. Mat:

    Those Oysters are amazing, they really look great, and the zipline is great fun, I would just like to let you know that there is another great town in between those towns called Plettenberg Bay, they have some many activities to do there from skydiving, to scuba diving or even riding an elephant. I must say we stayed in Plettenberg Bay at an amazing backpackers called Starling Village Backpackers (Starling Backpackers) and it was great as we could go to Knysna and Tsitsikamma from there, and the staff at Starling helped us book everything we needed. Great job guys.

  13. Kelli:

    OMG! Those oysters are HUGE! I tried oysters for the first time when my family and I went to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl. K, ours weren't THAT big, but still... I didn't really care for them (not a seafood person). Yes, I'm a "cheap date." Haha! But my sister loved the oysters.

  14. opso:

    whoa! dem oysters sure are BIG! looks ono!
    i like em raw with daikon, lemon, shoyu and green onions.....or tabasco, wasabi. ah heck......i like em any kine way. 😀

    looks like you folks took in some "liquid courage" before charging da ziplines eh? haha! 😆
    that looks like fun!

  15. melody:

    omg the zipline *shudders* but what an adrenaline rush!
    did you yell all the way til you kicked the cameraman? LOL

    and yes i agree those oysters would be so yumm-o grilled!

  16. Craig:

    You may have trouble with customs and the Hawaii State Ag Dept., but I insist that you bring a half-dozen of those oysters home for me, 'kay?